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Mobile Vehicle Air Conditioning Repairs & Services Newcastle & Lake Macquarie

We are car air conditioning specialists on all makes & models.
We provide a range of mobile vehicle air conditioning repairs & services.

Whether it’s just in need of regassing, or something more involved, Accelerate Mobile Mechanics can assess, diagnose and repair your a/c professionally and on time, with all work guaranteed, so call us to book in. We’ll get your car cool again.

Over time, air conditioning systems can become less effective for a number of reasons. To maintain optimum efficiency it is recommended that you have your air conditioning serviced approximately every 12 months. This helps reduce the natural leakage that occurs in most air conditioning systems, which usually results in cooling efficiency.
In addition, a full inspection of your air conditioning system will be included in the service. This includes both components and temperature testing inside and outside the vehicle. If any fault or problems are found, you will be notified before any repairs are carried out. Once your consent is given repairs will begin immediately.

  • Regassing of a/c system
  • Car Air Conditioning fault diagnosis and repairs
  • A/C Deodorising treatment
  • Supply & installation of compressor, condenser, hoses, pipes, receiver driers & pollen filters.

By replacing the cabin/pollen filter regularly, trapped dust, pollens and small dirt particles are stopped from entering the air vents.

License No. AU44652

Mobile Vehicle Air Conditioning Repair and Services

Accelerate Mobile Mechanics are your one-stop shop for mobile vehicle air conditioning repairs and services. Our mechanics are industry leaders with years of experience and knowledge to ensure that your vehicle’s air conditioner is fixed efficiently and expertly. 

We offer a myriad of options including diagnosis, regassing, repair, regular servicing, and more. Our helpful team can assess the potential issues with you and offer suitable and affordable solutions. 

Alternatively, we also offer regular air conditioning services to make sure your air conditioner stays in top shape all year round.

Vehicle Air Conditioning Specialist Newcastle & Lake Macquarie

We’re based in the Hunter Valley and service clients all over Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and Central Coast regions. If you’re unsure if you’re included within this region then give us a call today and we’d be happy to help. No matter where you need your car’s air conditioner fixed within the Hunter Valley, at home or work or anywhere in between, we can come to you.


Whether it’s winter or summer, ensuring that your electric vehicle air conditioning systems are working is vital. There are lots of signs to look out for when your air conditioner begins to break down. 


Four simple signs that you may need Accelerate Mobile Mechanics to take a look include:


  1. The air condition is far less cool/warm and takes much longer to warm up/cool down
  2. There’s a funky smell oozing from the vents
  3. There’s an unusual noise coming from the vents when the air conditioner is on 
  4. Lots of water within the car or under the car after using the air conditioner


If any of this sounds familiar to you then it might be time to call us at Accelerate Mobile Mechanics and book in for a service. We can discuss possible options and issues and get it sorted in no time!

Air Condition Repair Newcastle and Maitland

As one of the leading vehicle air conditioning repair services in the Hunter Valley, it won’t take long for our team to get your car cool again. 

We can assess and diagnose all manner of issues, from regassing to cracked o-rings and broken expansion valves, we’ve seen it all at Accelerate Mobile Mechanics. Our team are the experts when it comes to vehicle air conditioning service equipment repair. 

No matter if you need a regular service to keep it working, or something is just broken, we’ve got the experience and know-how to help in any situation.