Accelerate Mobile Mechanics


Mobile Vehicle Brake Repairs & Services Newcastle & Lake Macquarie

We are car brake specialists on all makes & models.
We provide a range of mobile vehicle brake repairs & services.

If your vehicle does not come to a complete stop or reduce your speed, it is important to have your brakes looked at. Accelerate Mobile Mechanics do all types of brake repairs including disc rotor replacements, disc brake machining, brake shoes, drum replacement, drum machining, brake lines, wheel cylinders, brake hoses, handbrake repairs and brake upgrades.

  • Brakes grind and screech
  • Vibrations or vehicle pulling to the left or right when braking
  • Brake pedal is low, hard, soft or spongy
  • Brake fluid leaking
  • Handbrake does not seem to hold
  • Steering wheel shudders under braking
  • Vehicle loses grip when braking
  • Takes longer to stop
  • When the brake fluid condition is poor we recommend replacing the fluid and flushing all brakes (which is usually done at a 2 year or 40,000 km interval. This prevents component damage caused from moisture absorption from within the system.