Accelerate Mobile Mechanics


Mobile Vehicle Suspension Steering Repairs & Services Newcastle & Lake Macquarie

Accelerate Mobile Mechanics specialise in providing mobile vehicle suspension steering repairs & services & upgrades for all types of vehicles.

Your vehicle’s steering and suspension system plays an important role in the safety of your vehicle and helps determine how your car will ride and handle.

Failing to maintain these components can result in vehicle safety issues, along with poor ride quality and an unroadworthy vehicle.

Regular power steering fluid changes are recommended for optimum power steering performance and longevity. Contamination of power steering fluid can compromise the performance of the system. So the whole power steering system is flushed, conditioning and revitalizing power steering components including the steering rack, power steering pump and cooler pipes and cooler. The Power Steering System Service cleans out sludge build up and varnish deposits for improved steering response and system longevity.

  • Sports suspension
  • 4WD vehicle lift kits
  • GVM upgrades
  • Coil over kits
  • Wheel Alignment Upgrades
  • Load Carrying Solutions
  • Power Steering Flushes
  • Bush Replacement
  • Standard Suspension Replacement
  • Clicking sound when turning
  • Boot grease spots
  • Groaning, whining or Knocking noises
  • Vibration when accelerating
  • Rough or hard ride
  • Erratic steering
  • Uneven tyre wear
  • Sagged vehicle height