Accelerate Mobile Mechanics


Mobile Vehicle Coolant System Repairs & Services Newcastle & Lake Macquarie

Accelerate Mobile Mechanics provides mobile vehicle coolant system repairs & services.

Cooling system servicing is done as per manufactures recommendation.
Regular coolant changes help prevent overheating and running costs associated with a poorly maintained cooling system. Coolant degrades with time and use and its efficiency to cool and protect the engine is greatly compromised.

We also provide mobile vehicle coolant system testing. Cooling system testing includes pressure testing for leaks, testing for stray current, thermo or viscus hub fans operation, radiator cap testing, diagnosis of overheating issues and acidic and glycol level testing.

To ensure that your cooling system runs efficiently, you should have it checked regularly to prevent engine temperatures spiking and major damage to your vehicle.

  • Radiator leaks or replacement
  • Heater repairs
  • Cooling hoses replaced
  • Pressure testing of system
  • Overheating issues
  • Fan operation